How Scorpion Auto Designs Started

It all started as a hobby for one Judson High School student back in 1996. With little money for modifying his car Jeremy had to learn to do it himself with the help of a few friends, out of his parents garage. Word got around about his cool, fast ride and people started coming one by one to the house dropping off their vehicles for Jeremy to customize and make faster.

Everything was fine until a driveway full of cars turned into a street full of cars parked in front of the neighboring houses. Needless to say the neighbors complained and Jeremy’s parents told him to stop working on the cars at the house. Jeremy had no other choice but to open a shop. His first shop was named Speedworks and had a small one bay garage that held about 4 cars. Jeremy worked hard and practiced excellent customer service and was able to build up his shop, which became Scorpion Auto Designs.

Nine years later Scorpion Auto Designs is one of the most respectable shops in the San Antonio, TX area with 3 cars featured in nationally known magazines, several customer service awards, and over 30 1st place auto show trophies with Jeremy’s personal cars alone, we lost count of how many of our customers won shows after running out of room to display all of their trophies in our shop. So this shows how proud and dedicated we are when it comes to our work and your project.

Scorpion Auto Designs Now

Scorpion Auto Designs is a “true” tuner car performance shop, with one sole purpose, “to give the customers a respectable shop they can trust and rely on. We have been serving the greater San Antonio, TX area for over 9 years.  We have a beautiful facility with a retail storefront and three large installation bays right next to Judson High School.

Scorpion Auto Designs has access to over a million dollars worth of inventory on a regular basis. So if we don’t have it, we’ll get it shipped in for you as fast as we can.

Some of our shop services include installation of every part sold here, motor swaps, turbo kits, rims and tires, custom upholstery, custom body work, car audio/video sales and installation, and we cut vinyl graphics, decals, and personal team or spirit logos.

At Scorpion Auto Designs we guarantee the lowest prices because we want our customers to get the most out of their money. We strive to continuously improve our business, so we dedicate ourselves to constantly stocking inventory and adding new products daily to keep pace with the forever changing automobile market.